Text Alerts Signup

Last Updated: 12/4/2020 1:45 PM

Following the link provide will give you access to sign up for alerts as well as unsubscribing from alerts. Alerts are used to communicate with the public for school delays, cancellations, announcements, etc.



December 3, 2020

Dear Delphos City School District Community,


At this time our Ohio Alerts service will not deliver messages to AT&T subscribers. The NOACSC uses a Third-party, Twilio, to deliver to all non-Verizon subscribers.  AT&T has taken the approach to filter these messages. The bottom line, when we send a message from Ohio Alerts it will not be delivered to AT&T subscribers. NOACSC does not charge for our Ohio Alerts service. They have an excellent relationship with Verizon and via our educational contract they deliver all Verizon messages at no cost.  This has worked well regarding providing the service at no charge since 70+ percent of our messages are Verizon.  For all other messages, as stated previously, we use Twilio but at a cost. The NOACSC will immediately begin working on an alternative to Twilio to deliver non-Verizon messages.  However, this will take some time, please bear with us. There is no guarantee that other non-Verizon messages would not be blocked.  I can only recommend that non-Verizon subscribers express their disapproval with your carriers.





Doug Westrick