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Enrollment/Open Enrollment

New to the district?


If you are a new student entering the district or re-enrolling in the district you must complete the enrollment process. You can register by setting up an appointment with the building secretary in the building you are registering in.  Jefferson High School contains grades 9 through 12, Jefferson Middle School contains grades 5 through 8 and Franklin Elementary contains grades Begindergarten through 4th grade. Enrollment hours are: 8 AM to 3 PM. Please bring the following information with you to enroll your child(ren). We look forward to meeting you!

When enrolling, a new student must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. The parent or guardian must provide the following documents:

  1. A copy of a child custody order or decree and ANY modifications to such an order or decree is necessary. 

  2. A copy of the birth certificate or passport of the student.

  3. Social Security Card.

  4. Health Records (Minimum immunization requirements)

  5. Proof of residency: Parent or Guardian MUST provide a photo ID AND one of the following documents: 


Proof of residency:

  • Current purchase agreement, deed, mortgage statement, escrow papers, proof of homeowners insurance, or current real estate tax record.

  • Current lease with the parent/guardian’s name and the name and phone number of the landlord.

  • Verification of address from Department of Human Services, Social Security, or most recent pay stub. 

  • A Current Gas or Electric bill or faxed confirmation of new utility service in the name of the parent/guardian. 

*** Items not accepted are a Post Office Box.  

***The Board of Education reserves the right to require additional documentation to establish residency to the satisfaction of the superintendent or designee.

If parent or guardian does not present one of the documents proving date and place of his/her child’s birth, Delphos City Schools Superintendent, Principal or his/her designee shall notify the law enforcement agency having jurisdiction in the area where the student resides of the possibility that the child may be a missing child as that term is defined in Section 2109.3 of the Ohio Revised Code.


Minimum immunization requirements are: 

  • DPT – 5 doses. 4 doses if the fourth dose was administered after the fourth birthday.

  • Polio – 4 doses. 3 doses if the third dose was administered after the fourth birthday.

  • MMR– 2 doses* (Or equivalent of individual doses of Measles, Mumps, Rubella)

  • Hepatitis B – 3 doses

  • Chicken Pox (Varicella) - 2 doses of vaccine or proof of disease 

  • TB skin test for any person entering the US as a prior citizen of ANY foreign country within the past year.

A physical examination within the past year is required for all Kindergarten students. New students to the District with diagnosed medical conditions may also be required to provide Physician documentation within the past year.

**Must have three doses of Hepatitis B vaccine; the second dose must be given at least one month (28days) after the first dose, and the third dose at least two months after the second. 

Your child is not considered registered until we have all the appropriate documents.




Renewal open enrollment applications must be received no later than April 30, 2021. Proofs of residency documents are not required for renewing applicants unless your address has changed. 


New applicants must submit their applications, proof of residency and report card no later than the last Friday in May. If proper documentation is not received, your application may not be considered. 


The committee will begin reviewing applications in June. Notification of approval or denial will be sent by June 30, 2021. If class sizes are large, acceptance or denial may be delayed until August 15, 2021 to review updated class enrollment numbers.


Return all Open Enrollment documents to:

Delphos City Schools

Attn: Kim Jettinghoff

901 Wildcat Lane

Delphos OH 45833 


Please call Kim Jettinghoff 419-692-2509 with any questions.